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All good things must come to an end, Goodbye!
25/06/2016 07:31:56 by martin

Project Moff - 600BHP R33 GTS-t
21/06/2016 10:30:25 by Moff

Baku circuit
20/06/2016 08:23:50 by jap.slapper

TNTRacing - XRCosworth
11/06/2016 18:51:25 by pablo

08/06/2016 15:36:44 by tomcat

Hoodedreeper's MX5 The Purple Monster
01/06/2016 17:01:26 by hoodedreeper

The Mugen Build (JDM DC2 continued)
24/05/2016 17:57:30 by Mr Windscreen

Project Bucketlist
21/05/2016 17:59:00 by maff

V8 Supercars 2016
21/05/2016 17:51:30 by maff

RTS Performance Billet Flywheel & Clutch packages
14/05/2016 08:12:57 by stockcar

omex mappers essex suffolk
13/05/2016 17:49:15 by pablo

My SWB TT Z32...
20/04/2016 14:55:45 by pablo

K&N v RamAir filters
17/04/2016 16:48:16 by pablo

Roll cage side impact/door bars
11/04/2016 12:16:50 by jap.slapper

Thoughts on the new F1 Qualifying format?
08/04/2016 12:56:45 by jap.slapper

BSRCC Snetterton April 2016
05/04/2016 22:33:48 by pablo

When was the last time you bought a book?
02/04/2016 11:45:13 by jap.slapper

If anyones at this weekends Silverstone 24Hrs ..
29/03/2016 13:41:05 by Maxx

Project GTR (zed replacement)
29/03/2016 13:30:42 by Maxx

Facebook Posts

Alan Bart Tolley - I know we are only half way through th current v8s...

Alan Bart Tolley 7:01pm Jun 28
I know we are only half way through th current v8supercars season but the driver market has now kicked off, scot Mclaughlin has joined up with DJR/team Penske for 2017 him and fabs are a great pairing I would look out for them for the title next year.

Paul Taylor 7:14pm Jun 28
So who will you be driving for next season....lol

Alan Bart Tolley 7:30pm Jun 28
if I get a call up from DJR or Prodrive I'm off but don't worry you can come as well mate.

Danny Hunt 8:30pm Jun 28
Does make you wonder if Volvo hadn't decided to pull out, would Garry Rogers still be able to retain him with so many offers on the table?

Matt Bushell 10:28pm Jun 28
Makes sense to join a team with some serious backing 2017 is going to be an expensive year with all the new regulations.

Arron Green - Sad to hear the forum is going down but I am guilt...

Arron Green 7:38pm Jun 28
Sad to hear the forum is going down but I am guilty of not visiting much. Here id be keen for a karting and pub send off :)

Ben Connor - Made me chuckle !!

Ben Connor 9:54pm Jun 27
Made me chuckle !!

Matt Bushell - Ladies and Gentlemen on the 26th of July bigpower....

Matt Bushell 2:36pm Jun 20
Ladies and Gentlemen on the 26th of July bigpower.co.uk will cease to be.

The domain name expires and will be "dispatched into the electronic ether never to be seen again" as Ben Connor put it.

It’s been fun, but posts have fallen off, it’s staggered on with Danny Hunt Bart, Paul Taylor and I discussing V8 Supercars and the occasional project post, but the end has come.

The facebook group continues to reside at https://www.facebook.com/groups/170923386267135/.

So long and thanks for all the posts.

Daniel J Harle 2:44pm Jun 20
Makes total sense to close the site. Thanks to everyone who made the site what it was! We should all still meet up again at some point, even if it's just a social occasion. (Y)

Paul Taylor 2:49pm Jun 20
Sad knews this, feel like a family member is leaving. Best get busy and start copying reports we've put up.

Rob Stapels 3:37pm Jun 20
True, sad days, but fully expected. Can't disagree.

Danny Hunt 3:39pm Jun 20
I can only echo Daniel's post above- it's a shame to lose the original site, but at the same time people and things have moved on and it's just not a viable option when there's other social media like Facebook and Twitter where the same discussions can be had without the running costs involved. Definitely need to arrange some sort of get-together at some point, even if it is like herding cats!

Ben Connor 4:03pm Jun 20
Sad day but unfortunately modern social media has replaced the forums. Has been an honour and a pleasure gents. We can still keep this running though. Thank you to Stuart for bringing me onboard

Nik Penn 4:25pm Jun 20
Sad times indeed but things move on. A meet would be good at some point if only to reminisce. 😒

Ben Connor 4:36pm Jun 20
Do any of us have an performance cars?

James Smith 4:37pm Jun 20
Not anymore

Nik Penn 4:39pm Jun 20
Sadly not 😞

Trevor Quattro 4:42pm Jun 20
RIP Bigpower
I have mega memories and met some great people, it was on the cards though to lose the forum

Ray Harkins 4:44pm Jun 20
I've still got a pink rusty Datsun- it will live again!

Gary Hayward 4:46pm Jun 20
shame to see it go, as for meets theres a few track evenings at snett we try go to, why not have a meet up and some tea. ill even give some passenger rides so you guys dont forget what a performance car is.....

Nik Penn 4:47pm Jun 20
Great idea and very generous offer mate. 😊

Gareth Ogle 4:53pm Jun 20
Some of us still have performance cars!! Sad times from when we had meets 30 cars strong but the economy had a massive hit on all car forums and builds dried up. Agree though we need to get some meets drawn up. I'm up for it. Will put some events on the BP Facebook calendar and if anyone else has any they already have planned then let me know.

Ben Connor 4:58pm Jun 20
10 years πŸ˜ƒ, formed 2006

Matthew Slade 5:39pm Jun 20
So long and thanks for all the fun

Edward Timperley 5:47pm Jun 20
Same, but inevitable. Had some great times on track days and the autotests plus made some good friends

Tony Hewitt 6:29pm Jun 20
We should pull in and try . Its a good name lets use it to our advantage

Stuart Staples 7:34pm Jun 20
It was fun, and brought a load of great people together. Well done and thank you to everyone who contributed to the club, the meets and events. A big special thanks to Ben for his support and banter with BigPower. Nice one brother!! πŸ˜… πŸ‘Š

Matt Bushell 7:37pm Jun 20
Paul Taylor you're gonna have to get Bart on here before Bathurst!

James Smith 7:49pm Jun 20
Did anyone know if the chap called Ian finished the mk1 Escort Mexico with a supercharged cosworth engine?

Emma Fulcher 7:52pm Jun 20
Russ might have to come into the 21st century and get on Facebook. πŸ˜€

Christian Wood 8:20pm Jun 20
Agree with the above, real shame to see it go but it makes sense. Had a great time as part of it and thanks to all for the laughs, advice and banter. How do I get my build thread off? Not that I have anywhere to put it, it's just good to remember the trials and tribulations, and check the spec!!

Christian Wood 8:21pm Jun 20
Oh and Ben yes, I have more than ever although that may not be a good thing 😁

Rob Stapels 8:26pm Jun 20
If anyone knows the answer to Christians question, I would be interested, probably be a while before I play on that scale again ( even though I barely scratched the surface compared to some.)

Alan Bart Tolley - well i have been forced to join facespace so can c...

Alan Bart Tolley 6:49pm Jun 25
well i have been forced to join facespace so can chat with the lads from bigpower. look forward to more larfs with you all especially Maff and Danny Hunt when its bathurst in october.

Stuart Staples 6:57pm Jun 25
Welcome to the 21st century πŸ˜…
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Autotest/Autosolo Debden Sun 8 Nov £30

Snetterton trackday 10th November just £109 MSV

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Mopar Euro nationals @ santapod.

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Snetterton Summer Wednesdays July 16th

Fast Eddy's Dealer Day 2014 Wed June 4th Snetterton

spring break show 12th/13th April

BHP Performance show

Snetterton Summer Wednesdays


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